Cognitive Reconstruction

The objective of the program is to examine, reformat, and optimize your personal hard drive, in this case we are talking about your brain and your way of thinking. Your brain for comparison purposes is your hard drive similar to a computer. It’s where you store, retrieve, and process all the information and data you have acquired through experiences, formal and informal learning. It’s where you process information and begin rationalizing and reasoning.  Unlike computers, individuals do not process data and information the same, giving us a plethora of different versions from similar operating systems.

Let’s go back as far as we can and reconstruct how we may have come to think the way that we do and explore how we can increase our current awareness in order to start making different decisions. Decisions that lead us towards betterment and an improved self.

All content is intended to provide guidance, advice, support, and encouragement towards facilitating and promoting positive development and growth.  Content is not intended to substitute or be implied to meet the standards of government licensed medical professionals.  We encourage participants who are recommended to seek medical, mental and/ or psychological treatment to adhere to the prescribed recommendations & guidelines set by their physician or other health professional.  Anyone having ideations of suicide or self harm should immediately dial 988 the National Suicide Prevention hotline.

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